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Thursday, September 13, 2007

Home Sweet Home

Well, the real estate was here yesterday around 10 as promised - she and David went through the entire house. She suggested that aside from finishing the projects that we replace ALL the carpeting in the house. We had talked about doing a carpet allowance, but she said replacing would increase the value. We knew the carpet had to be replaced, the previous owners appeared to have an affection for large incontinent dogs and despite 3 steam cleanings, Urine BGone, woolite carpet cleaner, etc all the stains are permenent. She was very impressed with the property, so hopefully we won't have a problem selling it. Other than that we got a good number and her only other suggestion was to hire an inspector now to fix whatever we needed to. Ray is coming down this weekend and he's bringing another friend of ours - Jean who is from Minnisota and we haven't seen for years, I'm pretty excited about it. Jean is really funny and great to hang around with - she's also quite the shopper so you know we'll be heading out to Gabes!! I have to wash the beddings and get the guest rooms ready, kick the cats out and David has to put the blinds back up. I'm not oncall until Oct 6th - whoopee! That would mean I get to go to the Buckwheat Festival again this year, I am TOTALLY looking foward to that.

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