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Sunday, September 16, 2007

Sightseeing and Other Activities

We've had a very good weekend - it started off rainy and but then ended and then it was just sort of crappy and cold. Yesterday we hit the stores - I took Jean to Gabe Brothers for shopping and got a couple of things. There were tons of things I liked, but I really need to get down my winter clothes and start sorting - I always end up with way too many clothes. When we came back we headed out again to Ray's favorite activity, Barnes and Nobles and I got a good deal on a book and also the newest They Might Be Giants CD - whoo. Hoo. We ate at Tibarios, an italian restaurant  - I've been drinking red wine all weekend - 3 glasses total which is more than I've drank in the past two years I think. At this rate I should be an alcoholic by the time I'm 90. This morning we all went out to breakfast and then when we came back I took Ray, Jean and Jackson out to the cemetery in Core so they could take pictures. We also crossed the Mason Dixon line (it's about 12 miles from my house) and showed them the little park. Jean wanted to see an Antique store, there aren't too many of them around so we went to the Seneca Center and she got her antique fix in - then off to the Beanery. As you can see it was a fairly quiet weekend punctuated by large heavy meals - if Ray lived here they'd have to roll us down the driveway to get to work - I'll be on the treadmill til I expire this week! David found an exercise bike for me and will be picking it up on Tuesday - I think this will be the perfect time to get one, don't you?

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