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Tuesday, September 18, 2007

In The Fix

David decided to take yesterday off and finish up a few projects. He framed out the upstairs windows he'd replaced and is well on his way to finishing Jackson's bathroom. He gets a bit overwhelmed at times, altogether it's about done but there's so many little projects and then there's the carpet issue. We don't want to spend a lot on it of course since we're selling it, but it has to be somewhat decent enough to sell. Some of our furniture has to go into storage, especially the dining room table set that we brought from Pennsylvania. The PA house had an open floor plan so it was ok to have a huge table and chairs but here we have an actual dining room and it fills it too much. The RE told David the dining room is very big but the oversized table makes it look smaller so out it goes. He still has to finish the last bit of siding and then there's the back room......I've getting overwhelmed and I'm not even doing it! Anyhooo, I got my latest order from Knitpicks, David doesn't bother saying anything he just puts it on the table and sighs. This month they have Harmony Bamboo needles that fit the Options set so I was VERY stoked for that! I did however restrain myself and only buy the sizes I knew I would really use instead of buying one of each size in the event I might possibly use them someday. I'm backing up on projects - I have the yarn for the sleeveless leaf sweater and the yarn for the grey socks, hat yarn, the afgan just needs a border and it's done, the shawl is getting there, I suppose if I stopped eating, working, sleeping and speaking with other people I could get a handle on it.

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quiltsnroses said...

I am the same way with fabric.  I have so many quilts in my head that I will never have time to do even if I live to be 100, and still I cannot resist buying a pretty 1/4 yard of material (fat quarter they call it).  And I hand sew all the quilts I make so it takes forever to finish one.

I am going to miss seeing all the pictures of the beautiful scenery in the country when you move.