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Wednesday, November 28, 2007

All The Animals In The Zoo

Jackson will be 18 this year right after Christmas, can you believe that? Mr. Lee will also be 18 this year and it's starting to show. Her latest is jumping - and missing, but not entirely missing - just enough to hang on with her claws and drag herself the rest of the way up. This is a problem as her claws tend to embed themselves in your leg and last night after the 3rd time I was tired of it and yelled at her. I've also had to hide my ONE plant as she loves to bury herself in it and bat it around. David worried it might be poisonous but I pointed out she'd eaten about a 1/3 of it with no ill effects so I wasn't worried. Pearl has been a whining pest, she doesn't quite get the season is over and yesterday brought me her little hunting vest and dropped it on the floor next to me. You have to be a bit desparate if you're asking the vegetarian to take you hunting. Work has been funny - since the 4rth nurse broke her leg it changed the oncall schedule and all hell has been breaking loose ever since. I ended up oncall Christmas week - the other nurse had invited her whole family down and she would've been oncall, but that would have put me on call for Jackson's 18th birthday - so I figured switching would benefit everyone. The 3rd nurse thought the other office had switched it out and she was mad so she told the boss we were BOTH mad which I thought was hilarious ( I was like "Really? did I stomp around and break things? Would you like me to?") - but then they switched it around again and I made them put it back. That made the 3rd nurse on call for New Years (she'd already been oncall for Thanksgiving) and made nurse #2 on call for NO holidays so the boss tried to make 2 &3 oncall for half a week. Since #2 was happy being on call for no holidays she took another tact claiming she thought we were on call for only weekends and not the entire week and if that was true she wasn't getting paid enough.......At this point I took some Excedrin out of Susan's desk and left the state feeling I would be better off in Pennsylvania for the afternoon. And I was since no one in Pennsylvania was concerned with the oncall schedule.

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