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Saturday, November 3, 2007

I Hate Being On Call

Being on call is a pain in the butt - even if no one calls there is the potential someone will so you cannot do anything that is far from the house. I keep checking  my cell phone just in case I missed anything and if it goes like it normally does, it will only ring if I'm more than two floors away from it. This will entail me racing up the stairs just in time for it to stop ringing and the office will immediately call the house phone which is conviniently located at the opposite end of the house. Just before I pick that up someone located in the downstairs family room will pick THAT phone up and yell up the stairs it's for me - and the office wonders why I always sound so crabby when I answer the phone!! And to make matters a bit more complicated my cell service is spotty at best at our house, I think we live over the Burmuda Triangle Of Sprint as I can't hear you in the livingroom, my cell service goes to roaming in the hall, I get good reception sitting on my bed but not over the dresser and the dining room is hit or miss. I have no idea -don't ask. David, Jackson and Pearl are going hunting this morning for a bit, I'm not invited as I am a vegetarian and might be forced to take the moral high ground just so PETA won't string me up as an example to all the other Bad Vegetarians out there - I won't mention that it was me that requested someone save the tail feathers - after all the bird isn't using them..... I'm thinking of sorting my yarn while they're out commiting all sorts of infractions against nature, I can't do it in the presence of the Yarn Hater as he gets all worked up and then starts giving speeches on Moderation and perhaps someone need a Little Psychiatric Assistance. Hmm. Bastard. I'm about 10 rows away from finishing the shawl and then have to figure out how to block it, that will be new for me as this is the first thing I've ever made that's real wool. I have the pins all ready I just need to scout out a safe spot, especially away from Mr. Lee and her Kneading Little Claws - she LOVES my knitting.

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