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Thursday, November 22, 2007

A Pretty Quiet Thanksgiving

David and Jackson went hunting this morning as they had planned - Pearl was along to point out various and sundry things, which she did quite well I understand. There are only two more days and then that is It. This left me to man the turkey -actually the turkey breast as there are only three of us and only two will eat it. We made the traditional Too Much Meal and ate until we neared explosion. For the rest of the day we just hung about which is always on my list of things to do. I'm finishing up the afgan and have started the next project, a sleeveless cotton sweater that I've started a total of three times so far due to the fact that some of us cannot follow directions. Luckily I'm smart enough to throw in the towel before it gets too far and I alternate working on the afgan when I start to get too frustrated. It poured like crazy first thing this morning, then it was warm and then the temp dropped so it feels like fall again. My neighbor has been setting up his Christmas decorations since a week before Thanksgiving, that's pretty big here. I find it a bit unsettling at times as a lot of people haven't taken down thier fall and halloween decorations - it's disconcerting to be driving down a road surrounded by witches, tombstones, elves, santas, turkeys, sleighs and  haybales. I had problems making it through Mannington the other day as NO ONE seems to be able to agree on what season they're celebrating.  I'm hoping it will all be straight by New Years.

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