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Sunday, November 18, 2007

Day Of Rest

They went hunting for so long yesterday that I called them as I suspected they might have lost the dog and were afraid to come home. But they were actually having a really good time, David, Jackson and Pearl - they didn't get home until late afternoon with everyone covered in burrs and swampy stuff. Pearl was actually a bit pooped out - for about 20 minutes and ate two dinners, it's a bit hard to keep weight on her at this point so we just stuff her full every chance we get. There's no hunting on Sunday unless you wish to shoot a coyote and a few other odd animals that the state seems to think doesn't need a day off - I have no idea why there's no hunting on Sunday in the first place, it's not like the animals are attending church....I finished making a Christmas tree hat and am currently working on the border of the afgan I started in the spring and got bored with. You can't work on an afgan in the summer anyhow - it's too hot so I'll have it done before the end of the month at any rate. I've got some paperwork to finish up and patients to call which I hate doing on the weekend, when I'm off I want to be OFF and anything work related feels like an intrusion. I've been sort of gliding along at work lately, I have to say if we weren't selling the house in the spring I would be looking for a job somewhere else long before now. I'm so tired of my boss's errant behaviors and getting glared at sporadically because of some reason she doesn't feel she needs to share. I've been told this is what she does - if things are going badly for her she likes to take it out on the staff  and it's not just me, it's a blanket effect, but still! The only good thing is I no longer feel I owe any loyalty to the job so when I get ready to go, it will be with no regrets or guilt on my part. But that's down the road so for now I do my job. And that's it.

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mosie1944 said...

That's really weird, no hunting on Sunday.  And hey, I've been at that point with a job before:  I knew I'd be leaving before long, so I just did my job and shut up.