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Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Tooling Along

Today I have to sit down with the other nurse and get our patients traded off - in the course of the past few weeks for some reason I've been getting all the patients that live near her and she's been getting the ones in my neck of the woods. I mentioned this last week because I actually drove past Deb's house last week going from one of mine to the other so hopefully we can do a bit of trading today and cut back on our driving time. We're off for Thanksgiving which I love - major reason NOT to work in a hospital - I mean even if you're oncall you can at least spend part of the day enjoying the holiday.  I spent years working the night shift and even when I was off (which was rare) I usually worked the night before and got home around 8 am. I would sit around rather bleary eyed while the kids opened thier presents, found thier baskets, etc, etc and then totter off to bed in order to get up in time to sit down to the various holiday meals. Most of the holidays with the kids is a bit of a blur. It'll just be the three of us for Thanksgiving again, Adam has to work so he was unable to come but hopefully we can spend Christmas with him.

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