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Thursday, November 8, 2007

I didn't recognize him right away, sitting on the couch outside of my office. I actually thought he was someone else, but then it hit me full force who that was and even more important, what it meant. I will be skirting the edge so bear with me. When I sat down the first thing I asked of course is where she was. He just grinned and said she's inside - they'd been hoping to see me. I was freaking - because she was orientating, wasn't she? Sometimes you get to see people get well, other times you're just in the middle part - and you don't get to see what happens. I thought about her off and on, how was she doing, was she alright? Sometimes at other people's houses they would mention her name and say, oh well you don't know her I'm sure and I would get a tiny glimpse as they gossiped a bit. But here she was - and looking as amazingly healthy - I actually started laughing and telling her to stop talking before I started crying - she was ok! Sometimes life gets to be too much doesn't it?, the job isn't going well, everything is up in the air, grind after grind. And then something or someone crosses your path and gives you that sense of pure amazement and joy - something that can't possibly be is right there in front of you, being. And that is when your feet find the path again and you know there is an end, despite the static around you. You go sister.

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