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Friday, November 16, 2007

Hanging Out In The Yard

I have no idea what fuels my never ending fascination with graveyards - the more gothic the better of course. This one is in Fairmont and of course - the view is incredible from the top. I didn't get any pictures that high as it was raining that day, that's what the little blurry spots are on some of the pictures - raindrops. I'll be going back next week of course to finish trolloping about, it started to rain harder when I was there and we all know how delightful West Virginia Mud is!! Jackson has the entire week off for Thanksgiving which we were not aware of (I dont' think he was either) so he and Dad will be hunting thier tiny hearts out as next week is the last week of pheasant season. They will be toting Pearl The Magnificent with them to point out what is obvious to her, her new thing is quail - I wonder how she tells the scent of those birds from the others. I've been having quite a week with driving, the patient population has picked up a bit - finally! - but they're spread all over the map lately. I've been wearing out my Crash Test Dummies CDs and cannot find the These Ghosts That Haunt Me one despite my looking high and low. I know if I break and buy a new one the old one will suddenly appear somewhere. Since I'm ordering from Knitpicks this morning I have to at least appear conservative with my money. I'm buying a super knitting bag and some more of the yarn I made the shawl out of as I have enough left over to almost make something but not quite. Yarn never comes out even no matter how hard you try - you either fall short or end up with enough to not quite make another something.

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