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Sunday, November 4, 2007


So far, so good - but I won't say anything as I don't want to jinx this weekend. Jackson said there is no such thing as a Jinx but he's still young yet. My Hit Counter broke the other day (no, I don't know why, they just do) so I had to get a new one. Of course since this one lasted longer than any of the other ones I couldn't remember how to do it and now I have Simply Enormous One. It will have to stay for now and it is rather spanky at any rate, isn't it? Anyhoo - David took the crew hunting out on Saturday, he's found a spot that isn't well frequented as it's a bit more of a hike and they did VERY well. David said Jackson and Pearl were having a ball hiking through wheat fields and up hill - they got a total of 3 birds all flushed by Pearl the Big Favorite. I have to say out of all the Vizslas we've had she's one of the best. Jackson shot his first (and second) pheasant which is the limit in Pennsylvania. They were out most of the day, today there's no hunting so Pearl has the day off. She could use it, the brush is pretty hard on the dogs and she's all scratched up, her poor little face was all pink yesterday. After the 24rth is grouse season but David said he had his eye out and didn't even see one. I've been doing stuff around the house here and there, we went to the book store and Sam's Club this morning, nothing out of the ordinary. In the Never Ending Shawl Dept I have about FIVE more rows to go which is the good news, the bad news is the rows now have 1,320 stitches per row. Hmm. And it needs an edge and then there will be the Great Experiment in Blocking. I've been having fun this weekend, I am off my diet for a few days to give it a break and have been subsiding on cake, candy, and coffee my 3 favorite food groups. David and I had our usual fight about moving, I generally refuse to discuss it which leads to all sorts of Lectures and Disgruntled Commentary. A lot of it has to do with the fact that until we are actually ACTIVELY involved in selling the house and so forth it just feels like a useless conversation. As far as I'm concerned it will happen when it happens and until that time there's no point in discussing it.

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