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Friday, November 30, 2007

New Toys

I was actually going to have David buy me this knitting bag for Christmas, but I wasn't sure he would order it and I couldn't wait, so it's here. It's green suede and is just so cool - if you like that sort of thing of course. The cotton sweater is finally going well after multiple attempts - but now that I have the pattern down it's going great guns. David is currently tearing the kitchen apart, there will be pictures tomorrow. He's repainted the cabinets antique white, replaced the counters and will also be redoing the floor in the dining room and kitchen. Oh, and he tore down the wall between the two also. He's finishing up that project he's been working on for clients  this week, we've had a bit of rain so it's been hit or miss all week which is really frustrating for him - he only has a day and a half to do and it's been tough trying to get it finished. Yesterday morning it was raining again and by the time it cleared up he was too deep into the kitchen to stop so he'll be going to the job today. The On Call Wars continue at work, the nurse from Bridgeport has handed in her resignation which is totally stupid - I mean you have to figure if this woman has been working for Interim for almost a YEAR and didn't realize we were oncall during the week, that kind of speaks to how often you get called out during the's all baby crap if you ask me. I just do my job and don't get into it, I'll protest if it gets too unfair but for most part it's not a bad job at times. My boss has been suspiously nice to me for two weeks running - I have no clue and don't care to. I spend as little time in the office as possible and do most of my paperwork at home, thereby staying firmly under the radar.

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mosie1944 said...

Wow, you got a bargain for sure!  I envy people who are creative like you are.  Wish I had the patience for sewing and knitting.  I have two afghans my Aunt Ruby made me.  She died several years ago, but she's alive in my heart every time I snuggle underneath one of my afghans.