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Sunday, November 11, 2007

The Shawl is DONE

This weekend I was determined to finish that shawl - as I've gotten closer to the end it's been dragging, the last 5 rows were neverending. So yesterday when they went off hunting I parked myself on the couch and just finished up the last row and the binding off part - it actually called for a crochet border but I couldn't figure it out and at that point the idea of going around AGAIN was not half as attractive as it would've been a month ago so I just finished it off. Then I soaked it and blocked it out on the bed in the gun room where the cats can't get to it - I'm sure Mr. Lee would dearly love to either prickle her claws all over it or secretly puke on it or something - she's a cat and then tend to do those things. In hunting news Pearl the Girl scored big again this weekend, she put up over half a dozen pheasants and they got three. David is working today so he can take Jackson tomorrow as he has the day off from school. The season ends on the 24th for pheasant so David's trying to get in as much as possible, but the good thing is they'll be able to go hunting Thanksgiving morning, he hasn't done that in 5 years so I know he'll be looking foward to it. I had a nice weekend, pretty quiet and all - I have to finish up some paperwork this afternoon and plot out my patients. I also started working on a Christmas hat as an inbetween project until I figure out what my next one is.

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