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Thursday, December 13, 2007

The Art Of Destruction

Due to the recent renovations of the kitchen and dining room my One and Only Plant was moved to an end table in the livingroom giving Mr. Lee The Antichrist full access to it. Last night was the limit when I came into the room after a very bad and somewhat strange afternoon - there was my plant with a Cat Butt poking out of it as the other end of the cat was busy shredding the interior plants. She turned around at the sound of her name and I gave her a very stern talking to, as you can see from the picture it had very little effect. Hmm. Anyhooo, I had a very VERY far away admission yesterday so I didn't schedule too many patients since we also had our weekly meeting. I got through the first visit and had planned on dropping the labs off in Fairmont and then continuing on towards Hundred. Now, I eat lifesavers in the car all the time, I'm very addicted to them I admit but this time I hit a bump and lost it on top of the steering column. Before I could grab it - it slid in a crack and disappeared. I figured it probably fell out of the car or on the floor and didn't give it another thought until I pulled into the hospital parking lot - and couldn't shift into park. My shift made a crunchy noise on the 2nd attempt which is when I figured out where the lifesaver had landed. After numreous attempts I managed to get the car to go into park and then couldn't get my keys out of the ignition. Feel free to sigh. I had my spare key with me so I locked the car and dropped off the labs and then called David. He asked me what I wanted him to do and what I DID want him to do was: get in his truck, drive 150 miles an hour, fix my car and then leave so I wouldn't lose any time. He didn't think that was necessary and would look at it when I got home since the car was drivable and I had the extra key to lock it with - he is so unreasonable, isn't he? I went out to do my next admission and it went well until they let me hold the puppy. I would have enjoyed it way more if they had taken the puppy OUT before they handed it to me so I got to drive home with candy stuck in my steering wheel and covered in puppy pee and calling Susan at the office did no good as she couldn't stop laughing. When I got home things got better, I took a shower and horsed down about a pound of maple sugar candy - courtesy of my Dad(thank you again!) - so, is it Friday yet??

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mosie1944 said...

Sorry about the plant, but that's so funny!