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Saturday, December 8, 2007

There's No Business Like Snow Business

Wednesday was a nightmare - drivingwise. We were supposed to get 2 inches, instead we got about 6 and the roads were a disaster, iced under and snowed over. And of course ALL of my patients were between 30 and 50 miles away and down back country roads. The pictures of the roads are some of the ones I was traveling on - I don't think I went over 27 miles an hour all day. One patient forgot to mention her road hadn't been plowed - that was the scariest. I've had patients down there so I'm familar with the area but in the snow it's a whole new world. I negotiated it well until I remembered the hill - which curves around with a drop off and no rail of course. So as I approached I hit the gas enough to get traction, but I couldn't go too fast as I was afraid I wouldn't be able to make the turn. Just as I got to the top my car slid sideways, but I managed to stop before I went into the ditch, I just sat there for a moment with my heart beating wildly - it never occured to me I'd get stuck! I took a deep breath and calmed down - and got my car out without incident. After I finished that I cancelled the last patient and headed to the highway - figuring it would be smooth sailing. And it was - if you didn't mind sailing along at 22 miles an hour. A truck in front of me started to go faster - and then fishtailed wildly across all the lanes which kind of discouraged us Nervous Nellies from attempting the same feat. There was a logging truck halfway across one of the lanes and about 5 cars scattered around him and here and there cars cattycornered off the highway when they just slid off. I finally made it home and was worried if I'd be able to get there, we live on a pretty steep road - but much to my surprise it was plowed. And so was most of my driveway! Our neighbor (remember the guy we let hunt in our yard for deer this season?) did the road with his ATV and then came over and did our driveway too! How nice is that?  Today it's warmed up and the yard is a festival of mud - Pearl is disappointed. She LOVES the snow and has spent the past few days racing in it, eating it and rolling around in it. She is so wierd.

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mosie1944 said...

We have a horrible forecast for freezing rain... over and over and over!  Snow is pretty.  Freezing rain means power lines down and a very cold house!