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Monday, December 24, 2007

Merry Christmas Eve!

Well, Sunday turned out to be as much as a fiasco as Saturday. I started off at 8:30 am so one of my peds patients wouldn't have to see me on Christmas eve, when I arrived the Under 10 Crowd had already been indulging in cake and candy and were alternately whizzing around the room and crying. I brought gifts for the whole posse which were spirited off since it's not Christmas yet, much to very (vocal) disappointment of the crowd. That was actually fun and then off to the rest - a ton of driving but I got home around 2 pm. We went to the new Cracker Barrel and right before I got my food - my phone rang. Sigh. I rushed everyone through thier meal and then raced off to yet another admission arriving home just before 7 pm. I got up early this morning and finished up the paperwork and took Adam into the office with me so I could finish faxing and letting the director know any changes. He got to meet a few of my co-workers and then ran over to Starbucks next door for some coffee. We went to Gabe's after that, I had to pick up some pants for David so I would have something to put under the tree - for the past few years we've just exchanged token gifts and then go shopping in January when everything is on clearance and you can REALLY clean up. So I am (presumably) off today since I did a total of 11 visits over the weekend and oncall after 5 pm and then oncall for Christmas. For Jackson's birthday this coming Friday I'm taking the rest of my personal time so we can do something - he's leaning toward a movie and dinner with his PARENTS - the Geek didn't fall far from the tree, did he?

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