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Sunday, December 2, 2007

Avoiding The Backyard Brawl

Those are pictures of an old and very small graveyard on the side of the road in Grafton. It was not as interesting as I had hoped, but it had a lot of very old and handmade gravestones. Unfortunately time and  weather had worn most of them smooth reducing them back to no more than rocks. When I die I will not be buried of course, but cremated and tossed back. Hopefully Someone will put me in the ocean with Mikio and Setsu and not keep me on the entertainment system as an attractive paperweight next to Copper with a piece of chachi on top of me. And yes, for the record I do still miss and mourn Setsu and Mikio and probably always will - there is not a week that goes by that I don't think of them and wish they were here. I cannot believe it's already December, as usual the Christmas presents are unshopped, the cards remain in the upstairs closet (I hope!) and not a decoration sullies our home. I told David I'm sure the neighbors must comment about the nice jewish people that live up on the hill..... We had a fairly quiet weekend at home, this weekend was the infamous Backyard Brawl (WVU against Pitt) and we went to Clarksburg to stay out of town. We managed to avoid traffic but forgot and tried to get on the WVU exit on the way back - big mistake. The cars were backed up all over and blocking both lanes, we finally managed to get into the passing lane and went home by way of Pennsylvania (it's not as bad as it sounds, we live 4 miles from the border). But doing anything in town on Saturday was out of the question. David continues to work on the kitchen, he needs to replace 10 tiles from the kitchen and of course (insert SIGH here) we cannot find anything to match. We went up to Home Depot in Clarksburg and found half of our neighbors there along with some heavily discounted faucets - they were displays and we got a $400 set for $20 bucks. Not bad for a Saturday.

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mosie1944 said...

Hey, a bargain!  That always makes my day.  And at least you were rewarded for your courage... going out into the Christmas-shopping frenzy.