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Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Bigger Is Not Always Better

Why do I always go for the bigger one, even when I know better? I made a Christmas tree hat and bought the pompoms for the top. At Michaels I had the ones I needed right in my hand, but then spotted a bag with them twice the size at the same price. When I took them out of the bag they took on a life of thier own, fluffing up to the size of softballs. ARRGH. I gave it a go anyhow and no matter what I did the hat flopped over from the sheer weight of the giant pompom which insisted on listing to the side anyhow. So in the end if you add in the gas for the additional trip and having to rebuy the pompoms, I obviously didn't save a dime AND I have a whole bag of them that I cannot use. The oncall wars CONTINUE - I came in yesterday to find out that not only am I  still mad but I'm quitting over the oncall schedule. That was news to me. I asked politely when I was leaving and was I going to stomp out? When Susan asked me to add to my roster of patients I told her I really didn't care since I'd been told I was quitting - HA. Well, I thought I was funny. The patients are picking up a bit but I was able to get a bit of shopping in, Jackson has asked for one thing and it's something that's guarenteed to disappear right before the holidays so I found a store that still had them and got it for him. The temps dropped yesterday and we got snow - I don't think it's as cold as we think it is, it's just such a drastic change. I'm still trying to get David to get the decorations down, but he's still doing the kitchen so I'm not sure how we're going to decorate around that. I guess I'd better get moving.......

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