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Thursday, December 27, 2007

I'll Be Taking Names

Yesterday Sprint called me one too many times. I've been oncall this week and for the past 2 Sprint's been calling my phone between 4 and 6 pm - the exact time you get those hinky patient calls. This has caused me to go racing up 3 flights of stairs and to the back bedroom only to be offered another phone line - I've pushed to "no" button, asked them not to call, etc.. Yesterday I ran all day and at 5 pm - you guessed it - my phone rang. Whoa betide that fool. Mary greeted me and started her spiel to which I told her she had no right to call me, that I had been put on the no call list TWICE and I didn't feel my own phone company should be harrassing me. To this Mary attempted to continue to sell me another phone line - I cut her off and told her that I was NOT paying Sprint to call me nightly, that I had already spoken to them NUMEROUS TIMES and I needed to know how to make the calls stop. Mary suggested the no call list which I shot back I was already on it and now I would like her to put the supervisor on. Hmm. She told me - and here is where not only did I go over the edge but was catapulted straight into space - that she'd see if a supervisor could call me since they were all at lunch right now- and SHE WOULD CALL ME TONIGHT(please note I was waiting on a line during this conversation which was a lovely way to pass the time unless you were standing near me...) I let Mary know that since I'd been called every night for the past two weeks I really didn't think ANOTHER phone call was a good solution, did she??!! And then, in my best Exorcist Voice  I said "It's 5 o'clock in the afternoon and everyone is at LUNCH? I don't think so - you'd better go get the manager NOW MARY" - and lo and behold there be the manager( a bit of advice here - when fighting with any company always get the name of the person you're talking to and use it often - it freaks them out much better). He didn't make much headway and was quite disconcerted when I told him I thought I should be able to cancel my phone service with no early termination fees which he said I couldn't do,etc.. He told me he was taking Personal Responsibility to make sure I wouldn't be called again - I told him I hoped so because if I EVER got called again I would go crazy - since I was already doing my best Exorcist Voice that probably gave Russell something to think about.  So, I think I may be on the no call list for real this time - we'll have to see. Otherwise Russell Morgan the manager and Mary have bought themselves a whole pile of trouble.

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