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Friday, December 21, 2007

Let It Rain, Let It Rain, Let It Rain.....

Tonight at 1:08 am will be the official First Day Of Winter and we in WV will mark the occasion - with a bit of rain. This will probably be followed by the usual Festival Of Mud. It was a bit gloomy yesterday but not bad which was good because I had a lot of driving to do. As you can see I was passing through Hundred, WV - there is something about that town that I really like and no, I can't explain it. It's VERY far and there isn't much to it, but - I don't know - it's just very pleasant is the best I can come up with. I'm trying to get into the holiday, but just can't for some reason this year. Our office is open on Monday, but I've shifted a lot of my patients over to Sunday as they are as thrilled about seeing me on Christmas Eve as I am about going. I'm on call anyhow, so it doesn't matter which day I'm out and about. Still knitting my butt off - Alex got the Christmas Tree hat I sent him and he looks very cute in it (he tends to look cute in EVERYTHING however) - I actually made a second hat for a patient but that one was way smaller - it was tiny enough to fit Mr. Lee - and it was still too big! Her mother appreciated it though I think. We did finally get a tree - it's a bit on the puny side but David said there wasn't much to choose from this year and I guess with the kids all grown up, there's no point in a big tree anyhow. Vincent prefers a big tree - all the more ornaments to destroy for him. Jackson is off today for some reason, he probably wishes he had told us yesterday as David woke him up at the usual time. He's going to Becky's today to get his hair cut. We got his senior pictures but since he wore a tee shirt they really just look like regular school pictures. David whined because we Paid How Much For These but I told him to suck it up - he's only a senior once.

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mosie1944 said...

Alex is so cute!  The town of Hundred looks as though it's seen better days, like many of our farm towns here in Missouri.