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Monday, December 10, 2007

Up In Smoke

I took Jackson with me yesterday so I could get my Christmas shopping done and out of the way - with work being so busy and everything else going on it's pretty hard. And then you have to add in the fact it all has to be packaged up and mailed - arrgh. Anyhoo, we bought most of the gift cards at Giant Eagle because A) there was no line and B) you get gas perks for purchasing them there. So, there we were waiting on line behind a woman purchasing  3 cartons of cigarettes - 2 Marlboro (that was my old Weapon Of Choice) and 1 carton of Doral. When the cashier said "That will be ONE HUNDRED AND ONE DOLLARS AND THIRTY FOUR CENTS" I almost fell out. After she left I asked the cashier if I had heard right and yes I had, she broke it down and taxed it for us - and then we all stood around being Agast for a couple of minutes. I quit smoking years ago and have not had one since and at that moment I was very glad I had. When I quit it was something like $18 a carton - and that was NY prices, not WV.  Eek. So after that I finished my shopping and got everything wrapped and ready to go. Adam will be coming home for the holidays so I'm very excited about that! Even though I'll be on call it will be so nice to see him!

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mosie1944 said...

Marlboro was my choice too.  I quit before they hit $14 a carton.