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Sunday, December 16, 2007

Whoo. Hoo.

Well, I'll be darned. Yesterday it was uber-yucky. Today it started out uber-yucky and now it's cold on top of that. Vincent went out but threw in the towel around noon and has been amusing himself by harassing Claw. Claw is not amused in case you're interested. I've started going through our closets - we've got tons of books we've read, odds and ends of yarn left over from projects, a fleet of various canvas bags I've picked up on sale or were given to me - all piled rather not tidy. I started in the one guest room where some of my stash is, well, stashed - I got rid of a host of bags I'll never use and shouldn't keep even if they were free, some balls of yarn that there wasn't enough of or I simply hated and can't even remember why I have it - and then headed to the downstairs closet. I sorted through tons of books and reduced my supply to two milk crates - good for me -and then did the same with the hutch upstairs. I got rid of fake flowers and some clothes, not nearly enough but it's a start. We took it to Goodwill and they were happy enough to have it - David mentioned that whenever you get rid of things you feel better, lighter. But we do have to be careful as in the past we've gotten rid of things just to be rid of them and find ourselves buying a replacement as it turns out we really did use it after all. On the way back home the wind picked up howlingly and then it started spitting snow. While we were watching the television set (Graham Norton marathon anyone?) the lights flickered and went out - twice. This would be when David remembered he hadn't picked up any kerosene for the emergency heater but we do have a new flashlight so we're getting there. He went out and got some so we are sort of set in the event of an outage - but I still would hate it.

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