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Sunday, December 30, 2007

The Tater Mitts

I posted pictures of the Tater Mitts yesterday but didn't mention them, so today they get my Official Opinion. The reason I bought them for David for Christmas was because we'd seen them on tv and he'd been interested - but not in a potato related way. The reason he'd wanted them had more to do with Claw The Evil Cat - he thought they would be an excellent way to retaliate for her midnight attacks and her general evil behavior. His plan was to grab the cat with the Tater Mitts the next time she bit him and rub her bald. That made me laugh so when I saw them on sale at Giant Eagle he got a pair. What they look like is a pair of heavy duty dish gloves with fish tank gravel crazy-glued to the palms, Adam and Jackson didn't think much of them. David decided to try them out for thier official use, so he piled the potatoes in the sink and went to work. The first thing he noticed was you have to run water as the Tater Mitts clog up immediately with what little skin you manage to rub off and you need to rinse them constantly. So he rubbed the potatoes for a bit and then I rubbed the potatoes for a bit longer. The end result was the potato looked like it had been tied to the back of the car and dragged for a few miles, suffering from a mild case of Road Burn. However, after about 15 minutes and who knows how many of gallons of water we gave it up as a bad job and went back to the Tater Peeler which incidently cost about a quarter of the price and took about 3 minutes. We haven't tried them out on Claw yet as first of all it would probably take most of the day to rub her bald and I doubt she would stand still that long and secondly she isn't overly smart but is smart enough to stay away from the Tater Mitts.

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mosie1944 said...

I never heard of such a thing.  One of our local news channels has a "try it before you buy it" feature, where people send in new things for them to try.  This would have been a good item for them!