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Sunday, December 23, 2007

Is It Friday Yet?

I'm having problems with my blog - it keeps telling me AOL doesn't support this browser and to update it, but when I try then it tells me I already have the lastest browers so I have no idea - I'll try to reload the AOL when I get a chance. Adam arrived here yesterday in good time and spent the day hanging out with David and Jackson. I spent the day working. I had THREE admissions covering about 200 miles so I started off around 8:30 am and got to the exit home around 4:30. Then my phone rang and the one patient I had done much earlier in the day had developed a problem so I had to turn my car around and drive an additional 90 miles since of course it was one of the further out patients. So I arrived home about 7:30 pm - and today doesn't look much better. Our office is open for Christmas Eve which I was very surprised about - but considering the way they treat the nurses I suppose I shouldn't be. I'm trying to take off for Christmas eve, I moved my patients to Sunday (which is why I'm working today) but I think Monday is shaping up to be a mess so who knows. Adam is having a good time I think, I hope and we'll have Christmas together at least.

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mosie1944 said...

I'm surprised anybody would want to work your job!  Geesh, no time to call your own.