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Sunday, December 9, 2007

Stick In The Mud

Yep, it ALL melted - and then it rained. If you walk around my yard you actually make noise and there are areas you might possibly lose a shoe. Pearl playing fetch is a sight to see as she tends to slide by the thrown object and keeps going on the slick ground. I've learned not to throw it near stationary objects as it's painful to watch. David and I finally got some Christmas decorations up, we put a few lights up outside to show our spirit of the season and a bit around the house. Since the diningroom and kitchen are currently under construction it's a little hard to decorate around the piles of stuff. All in all the holiday season here is pretty lowkey, for some reason no one really feels like it. I don't know if it's the weather, the fact that we will be in great transition soon, if it's because it's just the three of us now and soon to be just the two of us. This season is never what it should be - in your mind it's lights, food, and gifts and in reality it's rain, bills and a pretty strict diet in January. So I continue to knit which keeps me sane, I'm halfway through the sleeveless cotton sweater and will finish up the afgan after that. Then I might be making my first pair of socks - we will see. The On Call War continues on at work with a few other side notes thrown in, I just keep my head down and stay away from it. My boss continues to be nice to me which is REALLY freaking me out - I have no idea what her agenda is these days - there is another wide circle I'm making. Apparently Interim had a party for the employees and the only employees that were NOT invited were the nurses - I have no idea on that one either. One of the nurses made sure I knew and my feelings were hurt until I realized that A) the nurses were never invited and it hasn't hurt my feelings for the past 3 years and B) I wouldn't have gone anyhow - so that was the end of that. But it is odd the way Interim treats thier RN's - I hadn't thought of it until the other nurse brought it up - at other facilities I've worked you get bonuses and parties, at Interim they kind of make a point of ignoring the nurses and you literally get nothing for the holidays - however the office personal get stuff. HMM. Oh well, my goal is I'm hanging in there until Spring and then regardless of whether we move or not, I'll be looking for another job - I just can't afford to quit right now with David working on the house and we just cannot afford COBRA or be without benefits right now.

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mosie1944 said...

If ANYBODY deserves a party, it's a nurse!