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Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Moving Right Along

I finally had a good night's sleep last night, I have no idea why but I guess when it happens you shouldn't question it, just enjoy it. We got most of the Christmas presents mailed off yesterday - I sent the shawl I made last month off finally - it's currently winging it's way to Kent England where it will hopefully live a long and productive life. The Christmas Tree hat arrived on Long Island just in time for the holidays and I hope it fits. Baby heads are hard to size, they tend to be bigger or smaller than you think they are and babies being contrary creatures to start with, are hard to figure out even if you eyeball them directly. Too big is the better choice as it's a pretty good bet they'll get bigger at some point as opposed to shrinking. I sometimes have to take care of shrinking babies in my line of work and that is NEVER a good thing. Not a good topic, let's move on, shall we? I had an orientee with me today riding shotgun to see how he would like being a visit nurse. We drove all over, past the stray dog and trailer gang, over the rackity homemade bridge, down a long country road and up a steep hill - he liked it and even seemed a bit excited about it so hopefully we'll have a new nurse in the other office and that will end the On Call Disaster. I'm still ignoring everyone and occasionally get news through the Office Grapevine about what my latest move is. So far I've found out I'm Very Angry and Quitting although the grapevine was a bit hazy on the details about when and where,etc.. I find it fairly amusing because when things get rough I tell Susan it doesn't bother me because I'm Quitting Anyhow. I'm thinking about making some Christmas cookies this weekend but I'm also thinking about Just Lying Around which is always the better choice in my book.

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