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Saturday, December 1, 2007

Who Turned Off The Heat??

The tempetures have dropped drastically - this morning we woke up to ice and about 20 degrees, David spent from 2 am on poking and yelling at Pearl as she was pushed up as tight as she could get. She is not a cold weather dog we've discovered. Yelling at her did no good as she then laid under the bed and cried which is also not Conducive To Sleeping. David spent all of yesterday trying to get that porch done, I took a couple of hours of personal time as I had nothing to do yesterday afternoon and I need to start burning it so I got to pick up Jackson. I HATE picking up Jackson from school as I ALWAYS somehow manage to do it wrong -it's the wrong place, wrong time, etc, and I have to hear it all the way home. So David managed to get a lot more done than he had expected and it only took me three tries (sigh) to pick up Jackson correctly. David's  been busy working on the kitchen as you can see from the pictures and yes, he did decide to repaint the cabinets back white. The grain was not even or attractive and and the RE agent had suggested he got back to white as it made the kitchen much darker. In the end though they look much better - one of the original reasons he removed the paint was because they'd been painted multiple times over the years and from what we could see, they just went over the dirty paint without cleaning it first. The molding had even lost it's definition from having so much paint on it. He took down the wall between the kitchen and dining room which looks nice and will eventually be tiling and flooring. We're trying to keep it at a minimum and just doing the basics but the RE was quite emphatic that the kitchen needed to be redone and we needed to put down new carpet. We're waiting for the spring to do that as we won't be showing the house until then.

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