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Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Hot And Cold

Lately Monday has been run, run, run - my schedule is subject to change - and it does constantly! But work hasn't been too bad overall despite a few little blips here and there. The weather as you can see warmed up on Monday to the low 50's, what a magnificent day to be out driving! The windows were down, Pacebel on the CD player playing Canon D, what more could you ask? Today, rain rain rain - gloomy and dank, windows up. Tomorrow it's supposed to be cold and snowy, but like my schedule that's  also  subject to change especially since we have to depend on the Crack Weather Team that changes the forecast constantly. In knitting news, I've taken a break from the sock and have been knitting a baby hat which might even fit the recipient, I am terrible at sizing and most of my projects don't have owners til they're done. After I'm finished I hold it up and squint at it, trying to figure out who I know that will fit into it - then Voila! - someone gets a present. That system has worked for years, so if it ain't broke I ain't fixin it.

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