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Saturday, March 1, 2008

All This Excitement!

Jackson got dropped off by the navy last night around 5pm - he had been too nervous and excited to sleep so he was a bit wound. Despite all the dire-ness of it all he passed everything and is Officially Recruited. He'd hoped to go in at the end of July but they moved it to September which he was a bit disappointed about, but given our past experience that may be subject to change. We got to hear every tiny detail and were shown all the freebies of course - he got a leather backpack, tee-shirts, etc so the only thing wrong according to Jackson is it isn't happening fast enough. I'm letting him have the car on Sunday so he's making all sorts of plots and plans - I'm going over Susan's today for a little while. I was thinking of sneaking over to Michael's but I don't really need anything and I did get all the clearance yarn that I wanted last week - it's soy yarn and usually goes $4 a skein, I got it for $1 - whoo hoo is all I have to say. But as I added it to my stash I came to the sad realization the Yarn Hater might be right - if I gave up eating, sleeping, working, etc and just knit I might be able to get through it all before I died of old age. But then I realized I don't give a crap - yarn on clearance is a wonderful thing and if you don't get it, someone else will and I do indeed still have a lot of closet space..... I did take time off from the Ugly Sock and knit a Bunny doll with a pacifer. I forgot to take a picture of it though before it went sailing out the door, but I plan on making another one at some point (I actually have to as the yarn I bought for that I still have 3 more skeins due to the fact it also happened to be on clearance..) Pearl is still in heat which stinks since we won't be breeding her until the next round, David can call Cathy today and find out the  when and where of it all so we'll be prepared the next time. Apparently there's some sort of rigamarole you need to go through before you get to the puppy part of the program. I would have loved to have done it now as since we're not selling the house for awhile it would've been the perfect time, but I guess with the fact  I have to have surgery, Jackson, etc.. maybe we do need to wait.

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