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Friday, October 10, 2008

Busy Week.

Yes, I know, I know!! that AOL is closing thier journals yada yada yada - I still have until the end of the month so keep your pants on. I've been quite busy lately with work, just like if you don't exercise it's pretty hard when you start back up again, work is the same deal. Due to delays in selling the house and being ill, my couple of weeks off ended up stretching into about 5 or 6 weeks off. It's not so much the work that gets you, it's the lack of time -  by the time I swing in the door and get the dog walked, the mail in, the cats fed, etc it's 8 pm and  I feel like I've accomplished not much at all. Once I get to know the area things won't be quite so bad, as a visit nurse you can get quite a few errands done in between patients if you plot them out right but for now I feel like I've won the battle if I can just find my way back to the office! The job is going well, I've been off of orientation for a couple of days and am seeing patients, they did honor my request not to give me a full day for awhile until I get my feet under me. And of course I had the Snowball Effect Patient today - you go in for one simple thing and the next thing you know the doctor's office is involved and you're running stat labs and making all sorts of phone calls. It's just a little bit more cumbersome since I had to call the office to find out where the closest lab was and I'm not familar with any of these doctors at all. So the reduced schedule is fine for now as it takes twice as long to do everything it seems. and it doesn't seem to be a problem though because when I'm in the office I help with the paperwork since I'm very familar with it. Pets are fine, we met with the pet sitter the other night who is very nice and will be looking after the cats for us. Claw was disdainful but Vincent insisted on acting as if the petsitter brought a knife and fork with her - he's such a scardy cat!

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