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Saturday, October 18, 2008

What I Like About Pennsylvania

Life has been a bit of a challenge lately, hasn't it? I've had very far and few days that I've felt like I'm on an even keel and not living in dread that something will flood, explode, disappear, or just plain make me crazy. I'm trying not to complain (although that is my nature) but some days that silver lining is too deeply buried in the cloud for anyone to find. But there are some things that I do like about our new home.

Wegmans - Holy crap. Wegman's is like the cadillac of supermarkets, if you've ever been in one you know what I'm talking about. You can find anything you need from imported Monestery cheese (which is alright if you enjoy eating something that smells like old gym socks) to tilapia. We took Ray the last time and he was uber - envious.

Well Water - the downside of having a well of course is if the electric goes out you have no water. The upside though is crystal clear water with no chlorine or chemicals in it. I can use my Brita water pitcher without the filter.

The Leaves Of Course - doesn't even look real most days. I'm going to be doing more visits for work and have my camera ready at all times. Just driving around to the supermarket and back is awe-inspiring.

My Closets - they have little light switches and everything! My entire stash along with my various bags and so forth all fit into one.

Satallite TV - the channels will confuse you but I'm getting the hang of it. They even have a horror channel that plays all my old favorites (Tales from The Darkside, Friday the 13th The Series). When Ray discovered we had a huge amount of sports channels I thought I would have to crowbar him out of his room

Pizza - you have no idea.

The Cheesecake Factory - ditto.

The Distance - no longer having that 12 hour drive makes quite a bit of difference. Realizing you can pick your relatives does too!

So it is getting better, a step at a time


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