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Saturday, October 11, 2008

I Think I Actually Have Enough Yarn. Not.

I've been exploring the area here and there as time allows, earlier in the week I came across a flier advertising The Christmas Tree Store which sells of all things, yarn. I got off a little early and toodled down there - it's a huge store that actually sells not only christmas stuff and yarn - but linens, cleaning supplies, seasonal decorations, toys, furniture, a little bit of this and that to be exact - and pretty discounted. I finally located the yarn - it's not a lot but they did have Lion Brand Suede in fairly decent colors (part of the problem with bargain yarn is it's cheap but has a tendency to come in neon orange or be some strange novelty yarn). As I started to load up on it ($1 a skein as opposed to $5 in other stores) it suddenly dawned on me - I had absolutely NO use for this yarn. None. Nada. It was too heavy for a sweater, I would need a cart to buy enough for an afgan and there is a limited amount of ponchos you can make. And can you believe I actually put it back?? I know! Neither can I. Hmm. I suppose it had to happen someday but not so soon. But since I have a knit picks catalog and they are having a sale I think I will recover in a fairly timely fashion. Anyhoo, we have a few things on the boards today, I have to go "de-cat" Ray's room, my car is going to be inspected today and I have to organize for Monday. The weather this weekend is supposed to be really nice and the fall leaves are brilliant - whoo hooo!

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