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Sunday, October 19, 2008

Moving sucks.

As we all know, AOL is closing it's journal site - I've been putting off the migrating thing, because my computers skills are fairly limited. I can push the right button if positioned directly in front of my face, but anything after that is a gamble. So this morning I bit the bullet and migrated almost 5 years worth of blogging - that's a lot of writing. Four moves, five houses, multiple jobs, multiple pets, here, there, births, deaths, graduations, coming and going. All kept track of on my journal. The one thing they're working on and I'm hoping they fix are the migration of the pictures as I've deleted a lot of them from my computer once they're on the journal. so we shall see how this all works out. In other news the pets all did well while we were away, we were a bit worried about how Miss Pants would react to the kennel. She was OVERJOYED to see us, but she hadn't lost any weight and the owner described her as "very energetic, isn't she?" so we will feel a little better about going to Chicago. Cats stayed home and it was nice having someone to come and feed them and keep an eye on the house. I'm back to work tomorrow, hopefully there will be a paycheck waiting for me - it's been too long since I've seen one! I will celebrate of course by ordering from Knitpicks as they are having thier bi-annual 40% off all books sale AND there is some yarn I have my eye on.

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Sweetnessk71 said...

Hi there. Glad to see you made it to blogs. Have a great Sunday :)