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Wednesday, October 15, 2008

The Seas Of Change

I heard from Adam the other day - he finally got his mail so he has his birthday cards. He went over to John and Carleen's for his birthday and they had a cake and dinner for him. He was so touched by this - even as an adult it's hard to celebrate your birthday by yourself and he truley appreciated it. David and I are busy packing and so forth, this has just been a crazy couple of months and hopefully will level out after Jackson graduates from bootcamp. Work has been going well, despite the fact I'm taking off more time than I'm spending at work these days! but that's just the way things go. I'm no longer on salary - they pay by the hour and that is very hard to get used to. My other job when I was done I was done, here when I'm done I'm required to go in the office and hang out until 5 pm which is sort of bogus in my opionion. I pass the time by helping out the supervisor with phone calls and paperwork and I try hard not to bother anyone. I asked to be put on a full schedule, the driving here is nothing compared to WV - the furthest patient out is about 20 miles - and that's unusual! Yesterday my total milage for 3 patients was under 20 miles, unbelieveable!

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