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Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Gainfully Employed

I had my first day at work- it was a bit confusing for all parties involved. They've never had anyone come from another office which put me on equal footing as I've never been employed by another office either. Since it's the same outfit they could use a lot of the stuff I did when I started at Interim, I'm familar with most of the paperwork, they just started with thier new computer program so they have to learn it before they teach it to me so I spent a bit of time reading the newspaper and pottering about. The only blip in the radar was when the person doing the orientation decided I DID need to retake the drug test (even though I scored 100% on the last one) - the test is pretty standard and I'm generally ok with it if I know I'm going to be taking a test. However, as we all know surprises and I don't get along very well - so when she went back through my paperwork, looked up and then said "gee, I think I should have you take a test" and then handed me a 30 question drug test to take cold and right now, I had instant test anxiety. I did pass it, but didn't appreciate it. The rest of it was alright though, I'm going to have my own desk and they give you a laptop! and I'm going out with a nurse today on visits. I think they would give me a longer orientation period but I just want to get back to work. In other news the people that bought our house in WV have looked all over and there is no sign of my coat anywhere - and it's my good coat of course. So we think the good coat might be at Goodwill, sigh, of course it had to be THAT coat, didn't it? It couldn't be the coat I bought for $20 in the Kingwood thrift store or the one I keep toting for no reason at all. My winter boots are also gone along with a few other things I'm sure as it was all packed in a box. Oh well, off to work.

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