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Sunday, October 5, 2008


This house has very large, very old pine trees out front. The problem was they were not only blocking the sun but they weren't in the greatest of shape - all the branches on the bottom were dead and the rest weren't looking so hot. So David decided to take 3 of them down, not an easy task since we live on the road. But he did it and now it looks so much better. Of course now he has to deal with the branches and so forth, he's piling them outback and then will rent a chipper in the spring after they've dried out a bit. I've been busy just pottering about this weekend, the satallite tv is pretty neat - they even have a channel devoted to horror movies 24/7! The weather has been pretty crappy so there's not a whole lot to do outside, well aside from wreaking havoc on the local fauna. The mushrooms are finally fading, with the cooler weather coming in I knew that would happen. I got my new license plates and now have to get my car inspected AGAIN even though it was just inspected in August. I'm working on the sweater, I'm glad I bought all that yarn as doesn't go as far as I thought it would. I heard from the people in WV, they haven't come across my coat so it's either here somewhere or it got misplaced - since I don't have it both of those options suck. I start work tomorrow!

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