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Thursday, October 2, 2008

That Dark Horse

While looking for my winter coat this morning I finally came across the screws for the livingroom tables which is nice as David put them together before he left for work so I no longer have to guard my glass on the floor. The bad news is we never came across my coat which leads me to suspect I might have left it in WV so I'll have to contact the people that bought the house and hopefully it's there. I finally resolved the job situation after long and careful thought which was NOT performed while walking Pearl. I had thought I could ponder the pros and cons while admiring the fall leaves but just trying to keep Pearl in line takes any and all thought so I had to ponder on the elipse. I had decided to go with the agency I interviewed with on Tuesday but out of nowhere Interim called on Wednesday with a slightly higher salary, a much lower benefits payment and decided they wanted me full time instead of per- diem. The other deciding factor was the on call, both of them are once a month but Interim it's only a 40 mile radius as opposed to a 6 county radius from the other office which is 30 miles from here. I still had to think about it, gone are the days of impulsive behavior as it tends to lead to more trouble than it's worth. So I called Interim back this morning and accepted the job which I'll start on Monday. I called the other agency and talked to Paul who then said if he knew there was competition he would have been "much more aggressive with the salary offered"  - ARRGH. But I don't know how much more aggressive and it still doesn't change facts. But he did say if Interim didn't work out to call and they would be more than happy to hire me - works for me. The weather turned last night and there is a definate chill in the air (hence the Wintercoat Hunting), the rain is just making it chillier. I guess I'll have to make plans for my last weekend as a free person!

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connie7280 said...

The mushroom flattened out looks like the one from Alice in Wonderland that the catipelllar was sitting on.  Congratulations on your job.    Love you - MOM