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Wednesday, October 1, 2008

How It's Going So Far

Well, I still miss Jackson a lot and I'm still homesick - but I'm down to crying about once a day and that will pass. I feel better about Jackson now that we've heard from him a few times (he's written a couple of letters) and David has been hanging our pictures and stuff so it's starting to look more like our house every day. He fixed the faucet in the bathroom so that when you take a shower it no longer sounds like whale is trapped in the basement even though that was totally funny and annoyed the cat. Love the new stackable washer/dryer thing, works like a top.  I took Pearl for a walk and saw Larry the neighbor, they have a little west highland terrier and Pearl who usually wants to eat small dogs decided she liked Biscuit and wanted to play with him. However, if you've ever seen a Vizsla play you'd realize that is NOT a good idea and in the interest of maintaining  a good neighbor relationship I kept her on the leash. We're still keeping the cats in for awhile, at least until David put a fence up in front as a diversion from the road. I'm still mulling over my job decision, not much progress there. I'm also still trying to get over some stupid dream I had the night before I left for LI - I dreamed I was carrying a package of raw chicken across the kitchen and  - this is so gross - took a big bite of it! It was so  vivid I could actually taste it and in the dream I spit it out but I couldn't get the taste out of my mouth no matter what I did - and it's still bothering me. Yuck-o-la.

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davidwlester said...

Being practical sucks well we went from 6 acres up in a corner our driveway almost 500 feet to just over and acre. Avery impresive front yard two hudge shade trees.  The in ground pool the 4 bed room three bath and other rooms we never used and the view in summer very nice.  Well we are in a nice era farms nicer neighbors or more friendly and being closer to friends and family, Julia already got to go home to for a visit.  It is hard to find perfect and money always a factor , I n reality 4 to 10 acres with a acre of lawn and small farms all around would be nice our style for sure. Time will tell lot of oppinion most from people who have never moved makes me laugh, you always have people who wrote the book with the most limited exsperiance in your situation.  Easyest thing is to stay put but since we have a brain we have to weigh things, I do constantly, WV had some serious health issues that existed there, and the sue me thing having never been sued and the dumbest rules and regulations you ever saw, and with out our boys who have been our life was going to be lonley and so here we are this works for now and time will tell.   Dave