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Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Eek! Instant Winter

Sorry about the mishmash of pictures but you can only put four on as far as I can see so I try to pick and chose. I don't know if you can put headers on them either, but at least I can put them up now. We had a rather unpleasant day yesterday, the electric putzed out around 11:30 - and of course we forgot to fill the tub. David had filled two containers but when the electric still wasn't on at 3:30 we did start to worry. David went out and bought a generator but we may end up returning it. The heat is no problem, we have a ventless propane heater in the dining room that does a surprisingly good job of heating the whole house - but the water pump has no plug (it goes straight to a panel) so David would have to create a plug which could lead to trouble. Anyhoo, the electric finally came back on around 7 pm so we had water. The snow stopped last night and it seems to be starting to melt, I would say we got about 4 or 5 inches altogether. We heard from Jackson in the wee hours this morning, he was waiting for his plane to take him to Mississippi, they woke them up at 1 am for the bus and they were sitting at the airport so we got a call around 5. He sounds good and ready for his next adventure.

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