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Sunday, August 8, 2010

Be Nice To The Guest

We ended up staying in town yesterday - we briefly toyed with the idea of heading out in the direction of Bethlehem - not going to Bethlehem but touristing around the surrounding area - but given the expected crowd figured we'd simply end up sitting in traffic so we headed down to the outlets. It was a good decision as EVERYTHING is on sale this time of year. We hit the Cold Water Creek outlet - they were having all sorts of deep discounts. I got a $90 dress for $8 so there were no complaints in my world. We hit Liz Clairborne, Eddie Bauer - and of course the cooking stores. I love to browse but seldom buy - there are so many interesting things but I know I would never use them. Popcorn popper, egg cooker, taco maker - limited use with maximum storage, but fun to look at. We stopped at the supermarket to pick up a few things on the way home and we BBQed last night of course. As you can see in the picture Pearl has turned into quite a beggar - David and I started by giving her a little cheese and managed to ruin her pronto. We need to stop and retrain her, we were so careful when we first got her and it was such a relief to have a dog that went to lay down instead of staring you down through meals. We sat out after dinner and talked for hours, the weather this weekend has been great, the temps dropped down into that wonderful comfortable level and with just a little breeze to move the mosquitoes along, it was a very nice evening. After dinner I made Nancy sit through two hours of my favorite show Being Human - I cannot stop watching it! I've knitted through out the weekend but have the sock ready for my trip tomorrow. I've been so relaxed this weekend, after being on call for a year and a half just the fact that I have no phone to ring, no potential to deal with things, no surprise admissions - I am butter. It was so nice to have one weekend without the potential for interruption, you forget. I have to pack later on today or at least start, I don't have to be at the training center until after 12 so I can dawdle a bit tomorrow. Nancy leaves at 9 as she has to pick Gareth up at the airport on her way back to Southampton, it was a short visit, but a nice one.

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