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Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Hotter Than Hades

Well, it couldn't last. For the past few days we've been having cooler weather - beginning of fall sort of thing which I love. I love the time of year where it's cool enough for a sweater and jeans, the time of year you can comfortably go walking. But today when I got up it was hot already and as I sit here typing out on the deck, the dog is panting up a storm and Vincent is trying to find the cool spot on the cement around the defunct pool. If I was at my house in Lake Ariel where the Freeloaders are currently residing I would have central air. There is no justice and that proves it, don't you think? I have the air on in the bedroom, David leaves tonight to work the shuttle and then is pulling a double so he won't have to work on Friday. We've been depositing all of his paychecks in our second account because since the Renter has become a Freeloader someone has to pay the bills, sigh sigh sigh. I'll be glad when this is all over. Work is getting busier but better, I'm still on orientation but I have a lot to do, after Nancy leaves on Sunday I have to hit the books and do a refresher course on Peds (it's been awhile), I'm starting to review the charts on what patients I'll be picking up - busy but I have to say much better. I was scared to make this move, but every day reinforces that I made the right decision. Speaking of which I did decide to start a sock this morning , it's just easier to to take my little sock bag with it's miniature accessories instead of dragging the Real Bag around with me. I doubt I'll be knitting all that much but I'm sure there will be some down time I'll need it with me. I cannot remember the last time I traveled without a project, it seems like I've either had a crochet hook, knitting needles or an embroidery needle in my hands my entire life, doesn't it? I can never just sit which is OK. I've made so many things and I love to give them away. I'd better get moving - one of the other things I am very much liking about my job is I leave at 8:10 and I leave work at 5 pm - I know that's subject to change in the near future but it just doesn't seem like this office keeps the long hours I've become used to - I can very much get used to that!!

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