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Saturday, August 14, 2010

Things To Do In Bethlehem

You can run a red light. Not realize until you're there that Musicfest is THIS weekend too and not just last weekend. You can get lost and maybe accidentally run another red light trying to get out of the city before more music lovers come barging in (Music Fest is only fun if you A) have tickets and B) have someone to hang out with - I had neither). I was there to check out The Knitters Edge - David is working today so I had all day to scamper around Pennsyltucky - it was a haul but I also went to Wegmans, Borders and The Christmas Tree Store so it was worth it. What a beautiful store the Knitters Edge is, I didn't buy much but it was fun to just browse and see what they had for future reference. They seemed to have an inordinate amount of orange yarn, they actually had it in all different weights. There is no accounting for taste. They had Namaste bags but since I already have one there's no way I could justify a second one (Namaste is to knitting as Coach is to handbags - and they're about the same price). They had a large selection of books also, but I can get most of the ones I want online at Knitpicks during the 40% off sale and I just cannot squeeze another skein into the house. Well, there's always room for one more so I did buy one sock yarn -but it was on sale which makes it Okay. Yes it does. Does too. Shut up. I also cruised by a used bookstore but the books looked seriously used - not nice used but like this far away from the dumpster used, so I kept cruising. I would have liked to explore a bit more but I could see some major traffic jams in the near future so I attempted to leave. My GPS decided to have an Alzheimer's moment ("turn left. turn right. (there is no right) make a legal U turn when possible"). I went by a yard sale and almost bought an old fashioned table top hair dryer like the one I had as a kid. The one I had was NOT the bonnet that looked like an inflated mushroom but the hard plastic one just like the beauty shops had. You would unfold the neck and it would bake your head with a continuous jet stream of very hot air - it was almost like being in the Cone Of Silence for you Get Smart fans. Kate, Jeanne and I spent an entire summer in curlers that year - given the fact there was no air conditioning I'm surprised we didn't die from dehydration (but we would have had very fancy hairdos!). We also went through about 400 gallons of Dippity Do - you could have put your eye out on some of our styles. I got home around 1:30 - today I'm trying to do nothing. Because lately the days that I truly can do "nothing" just don't happen. I noticed the leaves are turning already - early this morning I took Pearl a little into the woods. I probably shouldn't but I feel so bad for her cooped up in the house and this little yard - and there are a great deal of trees already sporting yellow leaves. The pool out front will have to wait until next year I suppose - I'd had hopes of it being rehabbed before the end of summer but due to the financial constraints we're now under (A special shout out to my Freeloading Buddy in our other house! Thanks!) there would be no point to getting it redone only to have to close it up in a few weeks. Oh well, that will hopefully all be worked out by the end of the month. The acorns are whacking the roof every time the winds blows which drives Pearl a little nuts (nuts! get it!) - she thinks we're under attack by rabid squirrels or something. So this after noon is Whack! Bark! Shut Up! Repeat as needed. The weather is noticeably cooler today, it's still warm but you know you can just feel that little bit of Autumn waiting in the background - I have to say, after all that's happened this summer, I will be waiting with open arms.

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