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Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Spazzing It Out

I am a complete Spaz in unfamiliar territory - I know! I know! I'm such a picture of grace in real life, one Fluid Motion after another - but give me a GPS and a hotel room and I can't get out of my own way. Those little plastic cards I usually do upside down even though there's clearly a little arrow showing how to swipe it. So I finally made my way into the room when I arrived without any mass destruction. My biggest problem was getting the closet open - I couldn't do it. I tried turning the handles, giving it wee little tugs every time I walked by, desperate yanking. Because every hotel room I've been in has an iron and board in the closet and since it's summer and my fabric of choice was linen which had been flung into a suitcase and without an iron - I was screwed. I almost went down to the front desk but that is always a mistake. I think Jackson almost tried to get adopted after one of my trips to the front desk in which I nicely informed the manager the waitress next door told me his hotel was populated by freshly released criminals and I needed my money back. How was I supposed to know that was not true, the manager was an EX-MARINE and he very MUCH wanted to know which waitress was saying that. I picked up my skirts and ran back to my room. It was not one of my smoothest moves. Anyhow after more yanking I did manage to get the door open and released the iron so that spared me some embarrassment. Driving around was another matter - I get annoyed with the tailgaters but in their defense I'm generally eyeballing the GSP while driving 6 miles an hour looking for that yarn store. Which I did find - the yarn was a bit over priced - there was some excellent sock yarn but I would have needed two skeins to make a pair. At $18 a skein they would have been super expensive socks. It was ok. I bought pizza and brought it back to my room - I am too tired and worn out at the moment to be good company. I also watched The Unborn which is about a super creepy kid so had a bit of trouble sleeping last night. I would shut my eyes and a vision of this dead murderous child peering at me from across the room would form in my mind - that will not exactly lull you to sleep and I suppose it serves me right for watching it in the first place. But I can never resist a good horror movie.

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