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Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Dinner With Dad

Isn't Rhee getting big? It's amazing how fast they grow, they're kindergartners and then BAM grade school.  I did my second day of training yesterday and we got out a little early so I managed to dodge rush hour right under the wire. Here the traffic is awful and although I'm looking forward to going home, I'm not to the drive - the last time I was here traffic backed up all the way home. Anyhow, I did a little shopping and then met Dad, Maryann, Rhiannon, Janet and Diane for dinner at a very nice Italian place. Food was great and it was nice to see them all again.  I got  back to my hotel room later and just hung out. Even though this has been a bit difficult doing these trips while mayhem was continuing at home, the quiet has done me good - just stretches of nothing while I get myself back on solid ground  - I'm eager to get started in my new job and get a move on. We're hopefully closing on the other house soon, I hope so because we cannot take too much more in that department. Neither of us are the landlord type - the worst part is despite the terrible time we had, other people can outdo us standing still. We hit just the tip of the iceberg with renter hell and have no desire to push our luck. The sad thing is the courts just sigh and move you along, apparently you just need to expect it will happen eventually. So that will -I am hoping very hard- conclude this terrible summer and we'll move on. As I've said before, it hasn't been all bad of course but very few events in life are, even if you have a terrible childhood or go bankrupt there are still some small shining moments you can turn your gaze on to get you through. David has become like that, while I was having heart failure over the cinder block fire pit the freeloaders constructed in our backyard, David said at least we didn't have to worry about getting rid of the brush pile. Pollyanna-ish I suppose but better than me wanting a bag of rocks. I have my last day today here and then it's back home, I will be glad to be there - and stay there for awhile!

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