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Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Day Two

Janet and Diane picked me up after my day was finished - I was a little worried. The other day we were let out early, but of course the day I had actual plans they were thinking of letting us out late - how late they didn't say. But they hurried up and we got out on time. This was the first time I had see the rush hour traffic in the area - it's so funny that during the day there's hardly any cars at all but when we left the hotel - wow! Just lines and lines of cars chugging along. But we made it to the mall in good time - Kirby my niece has been staying with them so it was good to see her again. Since they live in Georgia sightings are rare and few - it was nice this worked out this way. We had dinner at the Cheesecake Factory - it was so good! I had the grilled eggplant sandwich and of course Cheesecake for dessert all around. We did some shopping after - Kirby is finishing up shopping for her first dorm room, unreal she's old enough for college, isn't it? She'll be majoring in biology. I got back to the hotel around 8 and put my feet up, this hot weather makes my ankles swell like nobody's business. I'm planning on a trip to the LYS, it closes at 5:30 so I'll be running - but it wouldn't be a trip without it! I have two more days here, they pack so much to learn in a week but I've been enjoying it - and I know it will help when I'm actually doing my new job. I'm doing a little knitting on the sock in my spare few minutes but I think it's going to come out too big and I need to downsize the needles. But I have to knit it up a little bit more to see if it will be too big or not - oh the hard life of a knitter!

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