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Tuesday, August 10, 2010

King Of Prussia

I know! I know! But I left the camera in the car and am not up to wandering the hotel parking lot at this hour. I am here at King Of Prussia for the week for training. Yesterday was a short day, they had apparently rescheduled from noon to 10 am - half the class knew, the rest of us wandered in at the appointed time. Then the afternoon a speaker cancelled so I was free to roam. I didn't go straight to the mall - I hit Barnes and Noble first, Trader Joes, Jo Ann Craft and Fabrics, there's a ton of local stores around here if you have a GPS and a couple of hours on your hands. so I just explored the afternoon. The only thing I hate is driving in unfamiliar territory, you don't know the roads not to use because they back up, where you need to turn. But I did muddle through and had a pretty nice time. I had dinner with my classmates, we ate at the hotel restaurant here - the food was alright, the service was awful. They had one waitress, maybe 7 tables and she was so slow it was crazy. One table the guy sat there literally holding his check over his head in attempt to escape, then got up and started wandering around the restaurant with it, in desperate hope of being able to pay. I finally just about tripped her myself as she meandered by - I had been sitting with my meal boxed for well over a half hour (as had my dinner companions) - I'll be eating elsewhere! I do have to say though it was nice, after all these weeks of strum and drama to have a just a few hours to myself to wander around and just do a little bit of nothing. I'm sure in the coming weeks with me not being on call all the time my life will start to get back to normal. I'm sitting in my room now - I bought creamer so I could have my coffee straight away - the room is very nice and I'm looking forward to learning a lot for my new job, then I'm meeting Janet and Kirby for dinner so it will be a good day.

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