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Tuesday, August 3, 2010

First Day At Work..........

.......went well - a bit overwhelming of course, but aren't all new jobs? There's so much that's different in this job, but I'm glad I have the basics and I'm very glad I have a mentor! This part of Bayada has a mentoring program and if you need anything - for a year - you can call your mentor. I have the week with them and then next week I'm in King of Prussia for more training. David is starting with his other job this weekend, he qualified for the shooting the pistol thing and got all his new stuff so he's ready to roll. I'm knitting of course, I might start a sock to take with me to the training next week - I'm not sure if I want to drag the sweater with me or not. I usually do start a sock as it's very portable. Even when you go for a few days you end up dragging tons of stuff - your laptop, outfits, etc... I'm a pretty good packer but it's the amount of bags. The Namaste bag is great but it's large and will be one more thing I need to haul around with me. So we will see. I'm mulling over what Nancy and I will be doing Saturday, I'm thinking about the historic district of Bethlehem which is supposed to be really nice. I'm also hoping the weather stays cooled off as we all know I cannot afford airconditioning until we resolve the Freeloader Situation. David had them served yesterday - as much as I poke fun I have to say this has not been easy or fun for us. These people have children and they certainly don't deserve these parents. They are not paying the rent simply because they don't want to, not because they can't afford to but it's those children that will suffer. But there's not much we can do - as I've said before my own children are self sufficient so I am not supporting someone elses!

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