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Saturday, August 21, 2010

Inspiration From Donna

Donna wrote a couple of weeks ago about her  grocery bill being $70 for the two of them. That made me look at our out of control grocery bill - how could two people eat enough to spend almost $200 a week?? That's insane. So for the past couple of weeks I've been really looking at what we're buying and have discovered the reason for the sky high bill - we are buying everything we can get our paws on and carefully stuffing it in the cabinets. So when I went by myself yesterday everything got looked at - was there a smaller one? Less expensive one? Did I really need four of them in the event of a nuclear holocaust? I got everything I needed for less than $100 so I'm proud of myself.  David and I are doing well, but it's silly to spend money on things we don't really need or end up throwing out because we couldn't finish it before it went bad. Work has been good, I went out on a couple of visits with another manager this week so it's easier for me to start planning what I'll do with my patients. I'm so glad I took this job. I took a personal day off yesterday - I was going to go to the Lake Ariel house and finish swamping it out but I ended up with so much to do I just stayed home. I'm off to a funeral today on Long Island and then to King Of Prussia for 3 more days of training then back home to stay for awhile. I'll once again be near the mall - thank goodness I saved all that money at the supermarket!! The sweater is moving along quite nicely - I'm almost done with the last front panel and then the sleeves, and done! But I'm leaving it home and taking the sock because it's just too big to cart around at this point. David will be in charge of the fort, hopefully he won't kill Claw. I think she's getting senile - she's gotten very bad with the howling. We have an Arch Enemy, a fuzzy black cat that comes over around THREE AM - we thought she was being killed the other morning the way she was carrying on. David let her in and 10 minutes later she started caterwauling again. Apparently the Arch Enemy was peeking in at her through the sliding doors and she was having none of it. That's OK, we don't need to sleep. She'll probably live into her 20's.

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Donna said...

I'm glad I was able to inspire someone! Indeed, when you think carefully about each purchase, you will spend less. Cliff mentioned that pork loins were on sale, and I told him I just can't justify spending money on meat of any kind (even if it's a good buy) when we have that freezer full of beef.