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Saturday, August 28, 2010

One Hundred Bottles Of Beer On The Wall.

For some reason I can only load one picture on my journal, oh well it will help me hone my Decision Making Skills. I had a little faux pas at work yesterday - when getting ready I noticed a shirt I hadn't worn in awhile and it matched the pants I had on. It's a nice red shirt with bass all over it - so off I went. While I was checking my email a coworker walked by and asked me if that was a beer shirt. I assured her it was a FISHING shirt but after she went into the kitchen I took another peek - oh dear. It was indeed a beer shirt - I had never read the advertisement under the fish which I thought was for fishing lures, it was actually for ale. And it was written all over. This was a bit of a pickle as I was seeing a pediatric patient and their mother that morning, I was not sure what the reaction to the new nurse in the beer shirt would be. I called David and he had not left for the Lake Ariel house yet so he was kind enough to bring me a new shirt.  Crisis averted, on with my day. The rest of the day went well, I'm still learning but I'm starting to see my patients now. I am off this weekend as I've mentioned about 300 times, I finished the main portion of the sweater so now just the sleeves and the edging and it's done.  I had started the sleeve last night but was so distracted by the TV I ended up frogging it - it was just 4 rows so it wasn't a tragic event.  We watched Arachnid the other day - it was VERY stupid. If my friend suggested we go walk in the jungle to look for giant psychotic everyone eating spiders armed only with shotguns, our wits and a bathing suit I can assure you - not only would my hand stay down, but I would be frantically looking for the way out. Or be hiding in the bathroom until they left and took their crazy friends with them.  I know my limitations. We watched Venom this morning, voodoo possessed sticky person lurching around and biting - it was very dark so it was hard to see. Why they thought they could do voodoo is beyond me. That would be another vacation destination scratched off my list.  Along with doing voodoo - if there's no yarn related activity I'm simply not interested. I don't think we're doing too much today, most likely the grocery shopping and of course cleaning. The house isn't too messy but I don't know about you, but on every flat surface around here flotsam seems to drift over and cover it. Spare chairs are sporting newspapers, shirts hung on the back of chairs, it just needs to be moved along. But that would entail getting out bed, wouldn't it? I'll let you know.

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