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Monday, August 2, 2010

Found It!

Someone sent me that cartoon awhile ago - I thought it was pretty funny. I forgot my camera yesterday which very much peeved me. There are only so many pictures of the yard and surrounding woods I can take as lovely as it is. Yesterday, David and I took off for the Bethlehem area - I had a specific destination in mind. Since we've moved here I've been unable to locate an asian market - no matter where you live, there is always one. And I'm not talking about the Asian Cuisine section in Wegmans - as lovely as that is, it's not what I was looking for. So I scouted the internet and found a promising candidate located not far from mall. My last attempt led me to a run down neighborhood with an abandoned house but anything is worth a try. And there it was - dusty gods in the window, if there wasn't a sign outside you would have no idea what you were looking at. The one in WV was in the back of a building with a grey security door, a tiny sign hung above it. When you went in - it was a huge asian supermarket. This one was no different - I shopped like the nuclear war was coming. They had fresh tofu, red bean dumplings, steamed gluten, boy choy, lotus seed cake - you name it they had it. Fresh fish was piled high, fruits and vegetables galore, even the smell was what I remembered. And it's never very expensive - the nice girl behind the counter told me they go to NYC three or four times a week so if there's every anything special I need I can just let them know. After that we just went all over - I did a lot of browsing, Nancy is coming this weekend and then I'm headed off to King of Prussia so there wasn't much I wanted. We went to the Christmas Tree store as we always do well with household goods. Even the dog toys are discounted. Then back home to hang out. I start my new job today - I'm nervous but very excited. I think this will work better for me and I already know - and like - my coworkers, I can't wait!

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